Princess Sera


I suppose your wondering how a sexy young Princess like me is so fortunate to be living in a beautiful palace like this and living such a luxurious lifestyle. Well i’ll tell you…. I made all of this money and bought all of these nice things by draining pathetic guys like you. The first guy who fell under my spell was a very wealthy business man. He was unhappily married and needed a princess like me in his life. When i met him he had everything most men wanted. But that was soon to disappear! i had this guy so brainwashed and completely under my thumb that he finally gave it all up to me and ended up with nothing for himself…. I was driving an Aston Martin that he had bought for me while his wife was driving around in an old ford focus! I was jet setting around the world first class with a credit card that he had arranged for me off his business while he was stuck in his office and his wife was at home ironing his shirts! This guy wanted to be next to me so much that he even became the slave of Marcus. He was completely obsessed with me and would do anything i asked of him, even servicing my friends boyfriends. In the end i had turned this particular guy from being a powerful and wealthy business man into a 100% cuckold cash slave. He became my whore, sucking cock and giving up his ass to who ever i introduced him to. I had this guy on the line for over a year before disposing of him bankrupt. I got all of this wealth from successful winners who became pathetic loosers at my game. And guess what! i did all of this without ever fucking them or touching their sad little dicks!

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