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Give Me your PIN!

Danielle brings Samantha down to the cellar again, this time to tease the PIN codes out of you. They are heading to Knightsbridge to see how quickly they can max your cards. You know you are a loser for being so easily aroused and yet you just can’t stop yourself. The throbbing feeling you get, which exposes your tiny little stiffy, will once again lead to your ruin…

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Monday, July 25th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Give Me your PIN!

Money Domination at its Finest

Why aren’t you serving me boy? I know you come to my site everyday and click refresh every 30 mins, praying that I updated my store. Why don’t you just give in and start serving and most importantly start sending tribute to me. No? Still scared well then you can buy this clip and hear what it is like. You can be completely ripped off by this clip and get that feeling that you are so pathetic.

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Interactive Blackmail

Due to the popularity of ‘Forced Intox’, Danielle has decided to give you losers another chance to play one of her games… This one however, is only for the SERIOUSLY weak and addicted losers, as after watching this clip you will have handed over everything She requires to completely take control of your life and RUIN you!

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Monday, July 11th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Interactive Blackmail


All settled in for another lonely night of masturbation, little man? GOOD! Cuz it’s just you and Samantha Ryan staying in for a close, intimate little chattypoo… all about what a big LOSER you are, and how she’s going to get all your money!! Samantha’s all cozy and intimate in this clip, taunting you with her sexual power and leading you on the path of self-destructive servitude. “A girl like me, I need lots of money… dress myself up nice and pretty…get my hair done… all on losers like you”. Uh huh, and you KNOW she’s not dolling herself up for any short-dicked man! She laughs at all the tiny ones, and makes fun of you for having one like that. “Got some nice blue balls going there loser? LOL… Does it hurt? I HOPE it does… cuz a moron like you deserves to hurt!!” Wow. You’d think a hot girl would be nicer to the poor saps who’ve made her rich. Not our SAM! She teases you meanly with her untouchable body “you wish you could be here with me?”… then reminding you of what you are… “like you could ever have someone like me. You’ve never had even CLOSE… and you never will”… She calls you ‘loser’ and taunts you as she rubs her legs…”you would do anything to touch this body”. She loves laughing right in the face of pathetic men! She knows you’re so submissive that you’ll pay her whatever she wants, even though she thinks you’re just a brainless little loser. She licks her lips and blows kisses, flirting and making you drool… then she counts her money! And what does she give YOU? The FLIP OFF, sucker… This might be POV HUMILIATION’s meanest, most loser-stiffening clip with Samantha so far, and for all you tiny dicks who’ve jerked it for LABOR DAY LOSERS or STRIPPING YOUR CASH, you KNOW what that means … Lots of day dreams of Samantha Ryan and morning stiffies for you, money maggot! Samantha Ryan’s got your number, loserboy, and you know you’ll never get hers…LOL!

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Monday, July 4th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on The GREEDY PRINCESS – SAMANTHA RYAN