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Blackmailed By Samantha

This is a clip for those of you stupid enough to be completely blackmailed by Princess Samantha. You are given a list of tasks which you have to do and once done, will leave you completely at her disposal. Samantha has seen first hand some slaves completely ruined by blackmail and now wants complete control of YOUR life!

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Monday, August 29th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Blackmailed By Samantha

Wear My Panties

Another interactive clip for Goddess Danielle’s growing army of Pay-Zombies!!! So Danielle wants you to buy a pair of her worn panties, email her your home address, then on arrival, take one GIANT sniff and then put them on! You will wear them that day to work, and then she has instructions on what you will do in front of your wife! Yep, it’s time wifey was told who owns your wallet, your cock, everything. She can either leave you or she can kneel to Goddess Danielle too…

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An Army of Money Slaves

Goddess Danielle addresses her ever growing legion of sock sniffing, chastity belt wearing, web cam drooling, clip buying, pay junkies and instructs on how you are going to submit further! You look at your bank statements in despair, but that feeling is soon overwhelmed by a throbbing sensation in your panties… You love seeing Danielle get richer and richer. And for what? Constant humiliation? Your wife having to get another job? Your kids going without? And yet you are about to click buy… AGAIN.

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Monday, August 15th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on An Army of Money Slaves

Ill Ruin Your Entire Life and then Ill Just Laugh

* High Definition 1080p HD * I Love to Destroy people’s lives.. that’s just what I do!.. lol.. I Take EVERY Last Cent you have & Fuck Up your whole entire Life & Before you know it – Your penniless!.. lol.. It’s too late!.. HA HA LOSER!.. Your wifey or girlfriend is out the door & you don’t even care.. your way too busy with your cock in your hand jackin it to my perfect pretty lil stinky feet & hitting the “Send” button.. you keep on paying me to use & abuse you & you always want More!.. I always leave you broke & confused & wondering what the fuck just happened to you.. Then I just Laugh My fucking Ass off over how Pathetic You Are!.. HA HA BITCH!.. Your Such a LOSER!! … ** PLEASE NOTE ** Just a Reminder to My Customers – It will take longer to Download the Larger HD files [1080p HD – 1440 x 1080]

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Monday, August 8th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Ill Ruin Your Entire Life and then Ill Just Laugh

Conference Bitch

There is nothing more humiliating than missing out on the promotion to a younger man who has been at the company less than half the time you have! Well actually there is… Danielle has only been flirting with you because she thought you would get the huge pay rise! However now she ONLY has eyes for Mr Vice President! She does still have some plans for you though. You are going to join her husband in lifelong chastity. She knows that like him, your complete obsession with her and permanently blue balls will mean you will serve her for life and constantly envy her well hung partners. And when your miserable life is over (or when she decides it it), like him, you will leave EVERYTHING to her.

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