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Fuck you Pay Me!

Don’t you boys just love to hear about how you are nothing more to me than a fucking ATM. That is what you are a human ATM. Put on this earth to make my life easier, to make me happier, to allow me to not have to lift a finger on my perfect hand. Well listen to why you need to start to contribute more and more to me losers.

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Monday, September 26th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Fuck you Pay Me!

I Want to Take it ALL from You

Sign over your Car, your House, your Rental Properties… Credit Cards, 401k, IRA – EVERYTHING you have is Mine!!.. Just think how satisfying it will be for you to see me drive down the street in your car that you just signed over to me & give you the finger as I watch you landscape what used to be your front yard – before you signed it over to ME!.. lol… I will just laugh at you for being so fucking pathetic!.. lol… So go get a “Quitclaim Deed” for your house & sign it on over!!.. Don’t Worry – I will let you sleep in the garage… BUT – You’ll have to do lots of chores.. like cleaning the dirt from the bottoms of my boots & licking all my shoes clean!.. lol… Especially when I go out Shopping with my girlfriends all day long & we come back – you’ll need to lick ALL our shoes clean!

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Monday, September 19th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on I Want to Take it ALL from You


Well, this humiliation pov video clip has NOTHING to do with the LABOR DAY HOLIDAY. Other than the fact that A) Samantha knows you’re a LOSER, so you’ll be sitting at home dutifully all weekend like a loner, staring at your computer, watching and jerking to this clip so you can learn EXACTLY WHAT SHE thinks of you weak wimps, and how she USES YOU for WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS!!! Oh, and B) LABOR is exactly what SAMANTHA expects from men like you – not just on Labor Day, but EVERY DAY!!! 🙂 As Samantha says “Men like you are such IDIOTS! :)” Oh, and for all of our INTERNATIONAL loser fans, YOU get to join in the spirit of LABOR day too!! Aren’t you SO lucky! 😉 …. Samantha compares all you cyberlosers to the worthless saps she uses in person, who she keeps hard and frustrated without even trying.. – “The suckers I know in real life…I keep these boys in a spin 24/7!….. and it seems their little dicks are ALWAYS wanting MORE of SAMANTHA RYAN!… LOL!!….SUCKERS!!”. And if it wasn’t bad enough that she makes you sad, lonely men give her SOOOO much money – “Its not like I LIKE any of them – I think they’re all JERKS and PATHETIC MORONS! :)” …. She knows YOU’RE just that type of moneyslave, a loser that would give her everything you owned if she just spat on you – “SUCKER!!” she calls you! She laughs about how pathetic you pigs are, paying money mistresses all you have – “they lose EVERYTHING to me – their life savings, their FAMILIES…. (laughs) all for lil ol’ me! …..YOU’RE gonna lose it all to me too, aren’t you??” LOL! I don’t want to give too much away. Suffice it to say, you’ll be DREAMING of being one of her real-time victims! So…….. while she’s out partying till dawn every night, with the BEST people of course, stay home and work on becoming ANOTHER little LABOR LOSER for Samantha Ryan. It’ll probably be your life’s crowning achievement!!

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Monday, September 12th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on LABOR DAY LOSERS – aka SAMANTHA’S MONEYPIG!!!


(Hey loser, this clip is both Part1 and Part2 of ‘You Stupid MONEY SLAVE!’) Isn’t if FUNNY how ugly losers with small penises always end up getting ADDICTED to paying HOT, BLONDE AMERICAN BITCHY women ALL their MONEY??? Hmmmm??? Our newest Mistress SINDEE JENNINGS is an ULTRA BITCH, and she thinks its HYSTERICAL, loserboy! In this haunting pov humiliation clip, She turns a bad joke (you) into something semi-useful – a drooling, jerking, cash slave! “Moron, when you masturbate to me, I don’t even want you to THINK about my precious little feet… or my tight little ass… or my beautiful legs….. I just want you to focus on ONE thing…” Can you guess what it is, moneyslave? LOL! SUCKER!! Mistress SINDEE pours on the financial domination and destructive teasing… making you repeat Her commands… making you watch while She ridicules how small you are compared to the men She likes… telling you what She would do if you had a BIG DICK, instead of your useless package… explaining how LUCKY you are to be just a money pig, to be kicked around and used like a LOSER. She calls you an IDIOT, cuz you are! Then She goes off to fuck her boyfriend. LOL! SUCKED IN, LOSERBOY!! You know you’re a failure with women, so just pay up and shut up, wimp. Time to give Sindee what she wants, you stupid jerkoff – your MONEY!!

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Monday, September 5th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on You Stupid MONEY SLAVE! – Pt1+Pt2 – SINDEE JENNINGS