Carli Banks


This clip is only FOUR MINUTES long! That’s right, Carli Banks decided to aim straight for what she wants from european sissyboys in this clip ? YOUR CASH!!, so that all you pathetic moneyslaves can go broke feeling the power of a BITCHY, BLOND BRAT. LOL! Suckers… We always get a good laugh at POV HUMILIATION about how the weakest, ugliest, losers on the planet end up totally addicted to paying women all their money! HAHA! So consider this an intro to your insolvency, wankoff! ?Men are such stupid suckers? take YOU for example? begins MEGA-BRAT Carli Banks as she mocks the toads who bought her EXPENSIVE clip. ?Not only do you have to pay, you have to pay SO MUCH for less than FIVE MINUTES? because you LIKE to pay money to pretty girls? laughs Carli in your piggy-face. She taunts you with her feet, teases with her tits, waves her ass in your face, and doesn?t actually show you a GOD-DAMN-THING! You just get to sweat and drool over the babe of your dreams, while she abuses you for being so ugly and disgusting, making you get on your knees and OINK FOR HER like the pitiful, pussywhiped loser you are. What better way to spend your night, huh lover? And check out the ?I Love My Boyfriend? PRINT-TEASE on Carli?s T! She wants you to know how utterly repulsive you are to her, and how a real man, an ATTRACTIVE man, is the only kind she?d fuck and suck. In fact, Carli told me the 2 things she loves most in life are 1) sucking her boyfriend?s tonsil cleansing 9 incher, and separating faggotty losers from all their earnings. So PLEASURE her, pay-pig, in the only way you know how. Fork it over? OINKER! LOL!

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