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Time To Go Broke (WMV)

Face it loser, your only reason for existing is paying girls like me. That’s the closest you’re ever going to get to a relationship, so accept and and fucking pay me. Go broke for me loser, you know you’d do it for a real live girl, but you can’t get one of those.

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NO Money – NO Megan!

Girl’s Like Me Only Want 1 Thing… M-O-N-E-Y !… That’s Right – Freakoids!!!!… Today’s Video Blog is dedicated to Anyone that thinks they can talk to me for FREE… Won’t Happen!! – I Don’t do Charity!!!! I’m not looking to go on webcam for free to be your “BFF”… When I want to make more “Friends”…. I’ll go to Summer Camp! OK – So I’ll spell that out again to make it Real Simple… For the benefit of all you SLOW “Learning Impaired” losers straight from the Retard Farm that don’t quite understand this concept…. M__O__N__E__Y !!!!! I’m One Greedy Bitch & girls like me – Want ONLY 1 thing from pathetic losers like you… MONEY!!!… Don’t Have ANY Money???… Well then I guess you just have NOTHING Going for You!!!!… NOTHING!!…. NOTHING!!!… NOTHING!!!!!!!…. You are a Great Big ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the Point??? So to sum it all up… IF you don’t have $$… You don’t have ME!!!!… NOT EVEN 1 Sec of my Precious Time!!!!!… So what You NEED to do RIGHT NOW?? – 3 THINGS!!! LICK My Sweaty Feet… LICK My Sweaty Ass… And MOST IMPORTANTLY… Send me a Tribute!!!!! OK – Enough Said… You Can Fuck Off Now… LOSER!

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Pin Dick Hubby

“The reason we do not have sex anymore is because your cock is TOO SMALL… It is just as simple as that. Do you or do you not have a tiny pin dick?” Danielle’s husband nods, shamefully. You see the thing about Danielle is she deserves (and she gets) the finest things in life. An unlimited supply of money from a long queue of drooling pay-zombies, gift after gift sent to her house, a growing amount of keys to chastity devices, an increasing amount of house staff (catering to her every whim and working for her) and now it is time for hubby to join the payroll! He will begin by addressing his wife as ‘Goddess’.. And now, he will never have sex again, he will go into chastity, he will not only accept but encourage her to have an active sex life with well hung studs (including his friends), he will get a second job as a cleaner and he will sign everything over to her! His downfall begins by playing a new game… It’s called “SNIFF HARD AND GUESS WHICH ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS FUCKED ME LAST NIGHT!!!”

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Harperism: Convert to your NEW Religion!

Hey losers! Goddess Harper is offering you lucky fucks the chance to convert to a NEW religion – it’s called Harperism and it’ll save your pathetic lives (well, it’ll help at least!) Consider this clip purchase as your first donation to the basket that’s being passed around My Church. you’ll be considering Me your Savior from now on because I’ll be giving your sad lives meaning. If you’re tired of the same ‘ole boring and pathetic christian church or wherever you go to worship, Harperism is for you! Just like the christian churches your wallet so they can claim a life of so-called poverty, I’ll be your wallets too except I’ll be up front about living large on your paychecks haha!

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