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From PA to BOSS

Danielle joined the company simply as a PA. Within two months she is now the boss, and yep, guess who she kept on as Her new Secretary/Tea Boy! Despite the complete role reversal, total humiliation, financial sacrafice and pending divorce, she thinks her new bitch is happier in his new position, his life now has new meaning. As always, he gets on his knees to provide his daily tongue-polish. He sucks hard on the heels, practising for the day he is told to also go and make money for her out of hours!!!

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Monday, May 30th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on From PA to BOSS

Loser Pays Danielle

Darren just can’t put a stop to his deepening addiction and inevitable bankruptcy and pays ANOTHER ?1,000 to get to peel of Danielle’s boots and get the honour of sniffing and kissing her feet. However, this loser gets more than he bargained for when Danielle decides to literally trample all over him!

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Monday, May 23rd, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Loser Pays Danielle

Get A Second Job

Goddess Danielle addresses all of her working class losers… The poor saps who can only dream of being her personal ATM! Well she has generously come up with a plan which means you can start spending money on her. GET A SECOND JOB! Whether it is working at the burger bar, cleaning toilets, or getting your wife to suck cocks on the street… All that matters is paying Her!

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Thursday, May 19th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Get A Second Job

Blackmailed By PA

Hiring Penelope as your PA was a big mistake! You should have known that you would not be able to stop yourself drooling over her. You have imagined what it would be like to submit to her and now its actually happening… She has seen what you’re into and what a loser you really are and is going to completely blackmail and bankrupt you!

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Friday Night Intox

It’s Friday night! And that means its time to get the vodka, the tequila, the tissues and to load up the paypal account!! Melissa and Danielle of course have big plans, this and every Friday night and this is your chance to fund it. You are going to DRINK, PAY and JERK on instruction! This clip will turn you into a complete humiliation junkie, desperate to self destruct just for their amusement! Be prepared to wake up ill, hungover, broke, blackmailed and desperate to send more and more…

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Thursday, May 19th, 2011 Money Slavery Comments Off on Friday Night Intox