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Sugar Daddy or Loser?

Melissa can’t believe you just spent ?2,000 on her. When you came up to her in the club and said she deserved to be treated like a Princess, you weren’t joking were you! See, the thing is though, is that she has no intention of ever, ever being with you in that way… I mean, lets face it, you’re pretty repulsive aren’t you! She felt embarrased even being seen in public with you. So if you want to spend money on her again, you’re going to have to spend more (and walk like 10 yards behind her at all times!!!) Oh and the closest you’re going to get to sex with Melissa, is being allowed to rub her sweaty feet after shopping! You’re not her Sugar Daddy, you’re her little pay pig LOSER!

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PA Takes Paycheck

It’s pathetic isn’t it.. You spend all that time studying at university and working hard to climb up the corporate ladder, only to have to give 80% of every paycheck to your PA! You certainly didn’t employ Lucy because she works hard or the fact that she spends the whole time flirting with office colleagues of yours… No you employed her because she’s HOT! And how ironic it is that the little bulge you get in your panties every time she steps into your office is the reason SHE gets the big management salary and the bonuses, and you get paid less than the cleaners! Still, that burger place across the street is looking for night staff!!!

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You have been a good puppy all year and worship Me every day as a true obediant know this is pure natural… you was born to make my life easier .Xmas is close so you have such a big opportunity to show me more your addiction, you obedience , so NO xmas present for your wife this year .you are going to sacrifice all your hard earned cash .I know you will fallow this order becouse you are so addicted, you become so weak when you feel my presence, my power, Now bring out your wallet and impress ME…I want them all!!!!!!!

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STRIPPING your CASH!! – Pt 2

Hey loser! Ready to hand your wallet over to Samantha Ryan? Yaaaaaa, scum like you are ALWAYS eager to give your paychecks to HOT, BITCHY women who know what they want. “I want it… I want it ALL!” One look at her legs and you’ll be mesmerized, reaching into your pocket unconsciously to hand her more money. Chump! You have no power against SAMANTHA! She OWNS wastes of life like you, and does whatever she wants to pathetic moneyslaves until your will belongs to HER! “Give me some more, LOSER!” She teases you with her body and beautiful face, only to snatch the money from your paws while you drool at her feet. She lifts her skirt to show her panty-covered ass, and commands you “Give me ALL YOUR MONEY!”. You obey, like a total moron. She doesn’t LIKE you just cuz you’re handing her all you have. She gives you the finger and tells you EXACTLY what strippers think of lonely little pindicked losers. “They never go home with you, do they? No… Those girls like the BIG cocks, and they won’t settle for a little dick like YOURS”. She hammers home the truth to you “Pussyboys! I need a MAN!” She keeps commanding you to give her more money, and you do, just like every stupid male she meets… She loves making little dicked suckers all BROKE, then sending them home for a desperate jerkoff session! So in the last minute of the clip, Samantha reminds you that “you don’t deserve a girl like me… NEVER… but I will leave you one LITTLE thing…” And she does. Her SHOES! She actually LEAVES and commands you to “MASTURBATE OVER MY SHOES!!!” You’re heartbroken, but that won’t stop you pulling that little worm and staring at her shoes like a stupid pervert. That’s right moneypig, you’re not even worthy to jerk it for Samantha. You’re NOTHING! You have to settle for paying to masturbate to the SHOES that women wear when they squeeze the cash out of you! LOL! Shots of her sexy heels interspersed with shots of her dancing on stage above you will have you wacking for those sweaty shoes like a total idiot. Samantha REALLY hopes this clip doesn’t turn you into such perverted freaks that you end up masturbating to girls’ SHOES for the rest of your pathetic life… LOL! That would be such a shame. You probably WILL too, you’re that ugly and stupid. So enjoy the ride, little man. Being used by a woman like Samantha Ryan is the best ‘sex’ you’re ever going to have! LOL!!

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